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Course Layout

Course Layout

1st Hole – 265 Yards, Par 4 (Railway)

A short but intimidating hole with the tee shot needing to find the fairway between the trees on the left and the railway on the right. Best line off the tee is the ‘tiger’ one, as close as possible to the railway, setting up an easier approach into the narrow green

2nd Hole – 346 Yards, Par 4 (Blackthorn)

A blind tee shot sets up a short iron into a well guarded green, with bunkers guarding the sides and a severe slope at the back. Approach shots tend to divert to the left, due to the slope just short and right of the green. Favour the left side of the fairway off the tee.

3rd Hole – 200 Yards, Par 3 (Bryansglen)

Depending on the wind, can play anything from a mid iron to a driver. The green is well guarded by bunkers left and right, and demands a long accurate tee shot. Better being just a bit short than a bit long.

4th Hole – 545 Yards, Par 5 (Clubhouse)

A true three shot hole with well placed fairway bunkers short of the green usually ruling out hitting it in two. Avoiding the difficulties off the tee leaves you with having to position the second shot for the best angle into the left to right sloping green. Generally right of centre is the better line.

5th Hole – 406 Yards, Par 4 (Copelands)

Required two long and straight shots to find the well bunkered green. Favouring the left of the fairway off the tee gives a longer but easier second shot

6th Hole – 344 Yards, Par 4 (Smelt Hill Bay)

A right to left dogleg, this is a hole for caution, with out-of-bounds extending down the entire left hand side, and the fairway sloping severely right to left tending to coax the ball towards it. The tee shot is blind and depending how far you hit it, the second shot can be as well.

7th Hole – 293 Yards, Par 4 (St John’s Point)

A carry of almost 200 yards is needed off the tee to reach the fairway and see the green for the approach. The small green encourages an accurate second shot.

8th Hole – 409 Yards, Par 4 (Swinley Point)

A long right left dogleg, with the fairway and green sloping towards the sea. A hidden fairway bunker in the left semi-rough is designed to thwart the golfer taking the shortest route from the tee. Two bunkers short and right of the green can easily catch a weak approach shot. Having reached the green, the adventure has only just begin.

9th Hole – 141 Yards, Par 3 (Plateau)

The Club’s signature hole. Stand awhile and admire the unrivalled view, before attempting a ‘green or bust’ tee shot at this fairly short hole just below the clubhouse.

10th Hole – 296 Yards, Par 4 (Kers Wood)

A short right to left dogleg which requires two well placed shots. Off the tee a mid iron, properly positioned leaves a short iron into a strongly sloping green.

11th Hole – 157 Yards, Par 3 (Carsons)

A medium length hole gently uphill. A slope to the right of green can assist the ball back on line, so try and avoid the temptation to be short or left of the green.

12th Hole – 328 Yards, Par 4 (The Well)

Another dogleg left, with out of bounds on both sides. Off the tee it is better to be at or past the angle of the dogleg, setting up the best approach which is made to a green sloping away from the golfer, and guarded by bunkers left and right.

13th Hole – 176 Yards, Par 3 (Rowleys)

Framed behind by the out of bounds Ker Wood East, this downhill hole reveals all the waiting hazards from the tee. Although longer than the 11th, generally plays a club shorter.

14th Hole – 276 Yards, Par 4 (Summit)

Favouring the left side of the fairway rewards the golfer with an easier approach into a small, narrow and well bunkered green on this uphill hole. However, four fairway bunkers are positioned to make this hole more dangerous.

15th Hole – 182 Yards, Par 3 (Hawthorne)

Normally playing shorter than the distance, although the prevailing wind can add several clubs to the shot. Enjoy the panoramic view of Belfast Lough, and on a good day the Ailsa Craig and the Scottish Coast from the tee.

16th Hole – 513 Yards, Par 5 (Springhill)

The only dogleg to the right of the course, the second shot needs to avoid the out-of-bounds at the “corner” and beyond. A large bunker short and left of the green catches many a weak approach into the right to left and front to back sloping green.

17th Hole – 336 Yards, Par 4 (Plantation)

The tee shot must avoid not only Ker Wood East but also the two plantations of young trees. Unless the tee shot is either very long or well to the left, the golfer is unlikely to see the bottom of the pin on the plateau green.

18th Hole – 430 Yards, Par 4 (Pat’s Way Home)

This is the longest Par 4 on the course has a blind tee shot, with a drive to the right of the fairway providing the best chance of reaching the green in two. The approach shot with the Clubhouse in sight, is to a shallow green, with a severe left to right slope. Most golfers are happy with a five at this hole.

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