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Ladies Results

Veteran’s/Senior Veterans’ Cup

18th April 2017

Veterans’ Cup Donna Rankin 35 pts
Senior Veterans’ Cup   Pat Turkington   33 pts


Nellie Garrett Foursomes

11th April 2017

Winner: Val Owens & Debbie Devlin 38 pts.
Runner Up:   Debbie Eadie & Ashleigh Flanagan   36 pts.


Macmillan Silverspoons

4th April 2007

1st Jenny Cummins   36 pts
2nd   Pat Turkington 31 pts
3rd Donna Rankin 29 pts


O2 Trophy  

28th March 2017

Winner: Liz Burnside 37 pts
Runner Up  : Michelle Holland   35 pts
3rd  Gillian Dixon 35 pts



23rd March 2017

Winner: Gillian Dixon 36 pts
Runner-Up:   Isobel Colhoun   35 pts



Ladies Finals Day Stroke

4th October 2016

Winner: Susan Morrow 71 nett
Runner Up:    Jenny Cummins    72 nett (BB9)


Hunter Cup Stroke & MM

Winner: Michelle Holland    74 net (BB9)
Runner Up:    Isobel Colhoun 74


Harry Graham Rosebowl S/F

Winner: Patsy Allen
Runner Up:     Debbie Allen    


Club Professional Prize S/F

Donated by Thomas Loughran

Winner: Maureen Hill     37 pts
Runner Up:    Gillian Dixon 34 pts


Lady Captain’s Charity Cup S/F

30 August 2016

Winner: Hilary Gilmore 37 pts
Runner Up:     Margaret Bailie     35 pts



Glenbank Cup (Stroke)

16 August 2016

Winner: Lillian Bell 72 net
Runner Up:    Pamela Small    74 net (BB9)



Mrs Jenny Cummins Lady President’s Day

9 August 2016

Winner: Margaret Bailie
Runner Up:      Jane Watson
3rd: Eleanor Kennedy
‘A’ Section: Donna Rankin
‘B’ Section: Lillian Bell
Gross: Michelle Holland



Club Captain Roy Beattie’s Prize to Ladies

2 August 2016

Winner: Isobel Colhoun 36 pts
Runner Up:     Rebekah Gardner     35 pts  



Nellie Garret Foursomes Qualifying

26 July 2016

Winners: Michelle Holland & Jenny Cummins    37 pts  
Runners Up:   Susan Morrow & Liz Burnside 34 pts



Ms Gladys Bond’s Lady Captain’s Day

19 July 2016

Winner: Pamela Small     38pts
Runner Up:    Maureen Hill 37pts
‘A’ Section: Patsy Allen
‘B’ Section: Jean Smith
Gross: Jane Watson
9 Holes: Alexis Graham



MacMillan Silverspoons S/F

12 July 2016

Winner: Jane Watson 34 pts
Runner Up:    Rebekah Gardiner   32 pts on BB6



Carnalea Challenge Cup Stroke

5 July 2016


Rebekah Gardner  

69 net

Runner Up:  

Isobel Colhoun

74 net



Daisy Ferguson Greensomes (Qualifier)

28 June 2016 

Qualifiers: Gillian Dixon & Jenny Cummins   41 pts
Runners Up:   Beverley Bell & Patsy Allen 39 pts



Preston Trophy Stroke

14 June 2016

Winner:  Pamela Strong     72 Nett (BB9)
Runner Up:   Ann McGregor 72 Nett



Club President Walter Stevenson’s Prize S/F

7 June 2016

Winner:    Liz Burnside    36 pts (bb9)
Runner Up:    Patsy Allen 36 pts



Ladies Stableford sponsored by Miss Designer Golf

31 May 2016

Winner:   Anne McGregor     36 pts
Runner Up:    Hilary Gilmore 35 pts



Lily Moore Memorial Trophy

24 May 2016

Winner:    Margaret Clarke 36 pts
Runner Up:    Michelle Holland    32 pts



Carnalea Ladies Open 3 Ball Waltz

Sponsored by the Golf Spot

1st M Bailie H Gilmore J Smith   70 pts
2nd   D Devlin V Owens P Turkington   66 pts
3rd L Bell H Henry K Stephenson 63 pts



Irene Jennings Stroke Qualifying & MM 10/05/2016

Winner: Pauline Beatty    66 net
Runner Up:   Patsy Allen 68 net



Connor Cup S/F  03/05/2016

Winner: Michelle Holland   39 pts
Runner Up:  Helen O’Rorke 35 pts



Peggy Nelson Stroke Qualifying 26/04/2016

Section A:    Michelle Holland    75 net
Section B: Isobel Colhoun 71 net
Section C: Patsy Allen 75 net



Veteran/Senior Veteran S/F 19/04/2016

Senior Veteran:  Kate Stephenson 33pts

Veteran:               Debbie Devlin 33 pts


O2 Trophy Stableford 29/03/2016

Winner:       Hilary Gilmore 38 pts

Runner Up: Jenny Cummins 36 pts


STABLEFORD 22/03/2016

Winner:        Debbie Devlin 42 pts.

Runner Up:  Jenny Cummins 36 pts.



Winner:            Michelle Holland          66net 

Runner Up:       Debbie Devlin               72net



Winner:            Debbie Devlin 34pts (on BB9)

Runners Up :    Margaret Bailie 34pts



Winner:            Debbie Devlin                           36 pts 

Runner Up:      Lady Captain Val Owens         34 pts (on BB9 )


Hunter Cup Stroke  13/15th September 2015

Winner: Debbie Eadie 71 nett

Runner Up: Donna Rankin 74 nett



Winner:               Susan Morrow 39 pts

Runner Up :        Liz Burnside 35 pts



Winner :  Lady Captain Val Owens 36 pts 

Runner Up : Pauline Beatty 33 pts


Ladies Open 3 Ball Team 25/08/2015

Sponsored by Chart House Catering

1st Val Owens, Jo Dwyer, Christine Compton – 85pts

2nd Debbie Eadie, Winnie Burton, Lorna McComb – 80pts

3rd Maureen Hill, Helen O’Rorke, Euncie Russell – 76pts



Winner:            Beverley Bell 70 net

Runner Up:       Debbie Eadie  72net (on BB9)



Winner:        Debbie Devlin 35pts (on bb9)

Runner Up: Jean Smith 35 pts

 A section:   Michelle Holland 34 pts

B Section:   Pamela Small 34 pts



1st Prize:  Michelle Holland 35pts 

2nd Prize:  Jenny Cummins 34pts


Connor Cup Stableford 28/07/2015

Winner: Pauline Beatty 34pts

Runner Up: Jenny Cummins 32pts



Donated by Club Professional THOMAS LOUGHRAN  

Winner:  Helen Bingham 36pts on BB9 

Runner Up: Isobel Colhoun 36pts


STABLEFORD 14/07/2015

Winner : Hilary Gilmore 39 pts

Runner Up : Donna Rankin 36 pts



Winners:  Michelle Holland & Jenny Cummins 41 pts 

Runners Up :  Susan Morrow & Liz Burnside 37 pts


Mrs Val Owen’s Lady Captain’s Day – 26th June 2015

  Winner:  Jane Watson 36pts

  Runner Up: Isobel Colhoun 35pts 

“A” Section : Gillian Dixon

“B” Section : Pauline Beatty

 Gross: Michelle Holland

9 Hole Competition : Alexis Graham



Winner: Jean Smith 37 pts on BB9 

Runner Up: Liz Burnside 37pts



Winner: Gillian Dixon 69 net

Runner Up: Margaret Bailie 70 net


Daisy Ferguson Greensomes (Qualifier) 09/06/2015

Qualifiers : Marie Murnin & Denise Elliott 43 pts 

Runners Up : Gillian Dixon & Jenny Cummins 39 pts


O2 Trophy 02/06/2015

Winner: Beverley Bell – 35pts

Runner Up: Michelle Holland – 31pts


Lily Moore Memorial Trophy S/F 26/05/2015

 Winner: Pamela Small 36 pts

Runner Up: Hilary Gilmore 31pts


Carnalea Ladies Open 3 Ball Waltz 19/05/2015

Sponsored by The Golf Spot

 1st – M Bailie, H Gilmore, J Smith (Carnalea) 67pts

2nd – A Campbell, V McIllveen, J Adams (Donaghadee) 66pts (last 3 holes)

3rd – D Rankin, H Andrews, G Price-Henry (Carnalea) 66pts


Irene Jennings Qualifying, Stroke & M.M – CSS 74 12/05/2015

Winner: Michelle Holland 74 nett
Runner Up: Margaret Bailie 75 nett


Peggy Nelson Stroke Qualifying 28/04/2015

Section A – Michelle Holland – 71 net

Section B – Pauline Beatty – 72 net

Section C – Ashleigh Flannigan – 74 net


Veteran and Senior Veteran S/F 21/04/14

Senior Veteran Winner: Moira McCoy 38 pts

Veteran Winner:           Debbie Devlin 37 pts

 Stableford Winner:       Jane Watson 33pts 


MacMillan Spoons 02/04/2013

Winner: Patsy Allen – 35pts

Runner Up:  Jenny Cummins – 33pts 


Nellie Garrett Foursomes Qualifying 08/04/14

Winners: Lady Captain Val Owens and Debbie Devlin – 39pts

 Qualifiers: Michelle Holland and Jenny Cummins – 38pts



Winner: Debbie Devlin 37pts

Runners Up :  Isobel Colhoun 35pts


3 BALL SCRAMBLE 17/03/15

Winners: Michelle Holland, Isobel Colhoun and Moira McCoy – 62net

Runners Up : Donna Rankin, Gladys Bond (Lady Vice Captain) and Hilary Duffy – 66net




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